11 tips for choosing and wearing a suit in 2022 ?

When it comes to suits and male elegance, there are many codes and rules to master. But don't panic, to avoid faux pas and style mistakes (never irreparable), here are a few tips for choosing and especially wearing your suit.

Choosing a tailor-made suit

The fit

It is the structuring element of your suit and therefore the most important one (along with the material). A well cut suit is a timeless piece of clothing. Choose a straight cut to be comfortable in your movements and to emphasize your silhouette. Whether you are tall and slim, or overweight, a nice straight cut suit is your best friend.


Directly related to the fit, the perfect suit should be comfortable. But fit is not everything, you have to think about the fabrics and the quality of the suit design The better the materials, the better your suit will stand up to the seasons, although there is no perfect material that will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer (one can always dream). However, Super 150's wool suits are a perfect compromise for, say, an everyday suit .Merino wool isparticularly appreciated by our tailors for creating high quality suits.

The fibre or titling of the suit

In the jargon, we often use the terms Super 80's, Super 100's or Super 160's wool suit... But what do they mean? Simply the fineness of the fibre. The higher the number, the finer the fibre and the number determines the number of fibres woven per cm2. Thus, a Super 80's suit will be very strong and thick, with gooddurability. A Super 220's suit is made of finer fibres and is therefore more fragile. Also observe the weight of your suit (i.e. the weight of the fabric per metre) and adapt it to the use of your suit. For example, a fabric weighing less than 150g/m is light, so it is best for summer temperatures.

The movement of your suit

Wearing a suit well often means beingtailor-made. And why is that? Because every body shape, every style, every personality is different. A suit should be a unique piece of clothing and therefore a tailor-made suit is the perfect solution to reflect your character. Your suit should move with your body, it should accompany your movement and should not be a hindrance. A beautiful tailored suit should have flattering lines.

The finishing touches

Pay attention to the finishing touches of your bespoke suit because the devil is in the details: shoulders, interlining, buttons, lapels, lining of the jacket and sleeves, pockets... By opting for a bespoke suit, you guarantee a better finish and therefore a better durability of your suit .

How to wear a tailor-made suit, the details

Here are a few tips that will make a difference when wearing them.

  • Let your shirt sleeve. Ideally, the shirt should protrude about 2 cm. Neither the shirt nor the jacket should cover your hands.
  • The top button. Only the top button. This is a rule: never button all the buttons or the bottom button of your jacket.
  • Keep it light. To prevent the suit from deforming too quickly, avoid heavy objects (notebooks, sets of keys) in the pockets of your tailored suit pockets of your tailored suit. If you can't avoid it, include your items when taking measurements, to anticipate.
  • Watch the length of the trousers. We still see too many trousers riding up and showing half their wearer's calves as soon as they sit down. The length of the suit trousers should fall at the heel and if your trousers rise above the ankles when you sit with your legs crossed, they are too short. On the other hand, your trousers should be worn at hip level.Also watch the length of your jacket. A good jacket covers your buttocks but doesn't go any lower!
  • Think to accessories. A nice matching waistcoat, a belt or a clutch bag have the power to enhance your suit. For this, get free advice by booking your Discovery appointment at the Maison de Maîtres.
  • Choose the right tie. It can be made of silk or another noble material. The tie can contrast with the colour of your suit, as well as harmonise with it. Be creative, a good tie has that little something, that pattern that makes the difference! Of course, the tie should not go lower than the belt.

Would you like to find all our personal advice in shop? Book your Surrender to discovery to create your best made-to-measure suit. It's free and without obligation!


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