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What suit to choose for a short and stocky man?

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What suit for a short, stocky man?

It is often the same silhouettes that are highlighted when we talk about costumes: tall, slim, with silky hair! In real life, there is a multitude of body types and it can be complicated to dress in a suit when you are short and muscular (or stocky). Especially when you have to buy clothes several sizes larger and therefore quickly float in your suit.. The idea is: try to lengthen your figure, without hiding!


The top of the suit

  • Choose a shirt and a straight jacket or fitted jacket. Definitely avoid a slim suit which will make you look “pudgy”.
  • The shirt and jacket can be altered, especially if you choose a tailored suit. This will inevitably cost more, but having a suit and 2 or 3 tailor-made shirts is worth it.
  • Opt for a suit top with vertical stripes.
  • The choice of a suit in a dark colour (dark blue, midnight blue, black) will refine your silhouette.
  • The casual jacket unstructured, without lining or padding, allows you to adopt a look that is both chic and casual.

The bottom of the suit

If you’re a kid, you’re probably used to having your suit trousersaltered.

  • Limit alterations by choosing a size up, even if it means hemming at the ankle.
  • Choose trousers that are more comfortable in the thighs and with a fitted ankle.
  • The trousers should be straight or slim and not protrude beyond the ankles.
  • Choose dark colours to slim the legs and patterns with thin vertical stripes.
  • Wear trousers high enough to make your legs look longer.
  • The ankle boots or derbies with a few centimetres of heel will also enhance your figure.

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