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Back to school means new beginning. Coming back from holidays, we all have lots of motivation, ready to grind, full of good resolutions and new projects. Some have the chance to meet new colleagues, meet those rare cheerful bosses and meet new customers who will discuss future contracts. Maybe for some, it’s time to start a new job.

In short, this is the ideal time to shine and as many opportunities to show off in the best light!

*It is free and without commitment 🙂

man under the rain


It is time for the holiday anecdotes to cease, and to leave room for the more distinguished considerations of which you would be the instigator.

To follow the admiring glances or the curious who dare to touch your shoulder gently, you can tell them the wonderful qualities of the wool or cashmere chosen to make your new suit. Because in terms of exceptional fabrics, the Maison des Maîtres is fortunate enough to be able to spark curiosity and interest in the materials.

Here are 5 reasons why the remarkable elegance of your new Tailor-Made suit will become the topic of conversation for the fall season!

Costume hiver tissus


Colour is, of course, the primary criteria for any man looking for a new suit. But the tailor will quickly let you know that the fabric is just as important. Cotton, and especially linen, are recommended for the summer, while warm wool and cashmere are perfect for fall, winter and even spring. The weight of wool changes with the seasons and is associated with other materials such as silk, which is by the way never used 100% alone.

Costume tissus hiver


Among the fabrics that are in for the back-to-school season, one may think of those of the very chic Italian brand of cashmere and wool Loro Piana or his compatriot, the famous brand Zegna. The Belgian brand Scabal has also unveiled its fabrics, as well as the English Holland & Sherry.

Loro Piana Fabrics

*It is free and without commitment 🙂


Upon the arrival of the first rains, men may ask themselves the question of what coat they should wear over their suit. With Storm System fabrics, there is no need to ask that question, because this unique fabric has a patent that guarantees its impermeability and resistance to wind. The suit can be worn without a coat, even in the rain, while remaining perfectly dry.

loro piana storm system


Among other novelties of the back-to-school season, there are also these 100% cashmere fabrics that exist in a hundred different colours. From the design to the colour of the fabric, the word tailor-made has never been more appropriate!

Costume couleur


As prestigious as the cashmere is, at prices which are still competitive, Escorial wool is destined to become the new fabric for the trendy back-to-school season’s suit. This fabric of exceptional properties is made with wool which, back in the 16th century, was used to make the clothes of the Spanish court. The fineness of this fibre and its natural elasticity have the advantage of giving crease-resistant fabrics.

Do you need more convincing to come and feel the exceptional fabrics that will allow your suit to to stand out for the back-to-school season?

Come discover our novelties in store, guided by our tailor (without obligations, free)

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