Need a lawyer's robe? La Maison de Maître offers you your gown for every purchase of a tailor-made suit.

How to choose your custom-made avocado robe ?

An emblematic piece and a working tool at the same time, choosing the right gown is a major issue for all new lawyers. Before buying your lawyer's gown, study the case carefully! History, materials, codes to respect, the Maison de Maître reviews everything.

Discover our special offer for any purchase of a made-to-measure suit..

History of the lawyer's gown

The current lawyer's gown has its origins in the Middle Ages and the Christian religion. Yes, yes, it is not well known, but lawyers and clergymen were strongly linked. Look at the similarities between the cassock and the lawyer's gown. For a long time, the toga consisted of 33 buttons, like the age of Christ. Lawyers were masters of the word and of eloquence. Thus, their robes distinguished them from the common people and linked them to the royal power, until the French Revolution. Since the 19th century, the gown has been "secularised" and symbolises above all independence, as well as the unity of the profession.

The codes of the lawyer's robe

However, in Belgium as elsewhere, the wearing of the lawyer's gown is still subject to certain very specific codes and may only be worn during pleadings, the taking of the oath by the lawyer or when visiting magistrates Furthermore, the decree of 1 November 1968 regulates the wearing of the gown by stating in particular the material of which it is made: black wool and the obligation to wear the epitome. This strip of cloth is worn over the toga on the left shoulder and is fitted with synthetic or natural fur. The only real evolution concerns the size of the toga. Nowadays, the dress goes down to half the calves. Warning: forget about customising the outside of your gown, it is impossible. However, choose different materials depending on the use of the gown and its comfort level.

Taking care of your avocado gown

One gown, many uses

The life of a lawyer is often very busy. With a rush to court and a gruelling day, the care of the robe often takes a back seat. Sometimes the poor robe is even rolled up in a ball somewhere on a chair. However, the price of a gown, especially a made-to-measure one, is not insignificant: expect to pay between €800 and €2,000, or even more! So take a few simple steps to prolong the life of your professional tool:

  • Transport it in a closed bag.
  • Keep it on a hanger in a wardrobe to avoid creasing.
  • Have it dry cleaned and if possible, dry clean it.
  • Avoid ironing.

To ensure that your gown is as robust as it is ideal for all seasons and temperature variations, pay close attention to the materials..

The materials of the avocado toga

If the avocado robe must keep its black colour (that goes without saying), there are many possibilities concerning its composition! The best gown is a balance of elegance, comfort and robustness. Merino wool: A noble material, it surprises with its insulating and thermoregulatory properties. The other advantage of merino wool is its incredible lightness. You'll forget you're wearing it... (specify thickness)


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