The luxury tuxedo for wedding

The luxury dinner jacket for a wedding

Thedinner jacket, or black-tie, was born in the English salons in the last century and has become a real luxury wedding outfit. Let's see how to tame the dinner jacket for the most beautiful day of your life.

Wearing a dinner jacket for a luxury wedding

While there aredifferent styles of wedding suits (link to article), the dinner jacket is the hallmark of the most upscale ceremonies. Traditionally ,the dinner jacket respects certain codes.

  • The shawl collar tuxedo jacket or pointed collar your choice. It is distinguished by its famous silk (or satin) lapel (or satin) lapel and a single button. The tuxedo jacket is fitted and its colours vary from black (classic), midnight blue, white or even red.
  • The dinner jacket trousers are worn with straps (no belt is allowed in a dinner jacket). Choose them with a low waist, no cuffs and cut close to the leg. Dinner jacket trousers are distinguished by the satin braid on the whole side.
  • The dinner jacket shirt is very characteristic. It is white and is distinguished by its collar, which leaves all the room for the bow tie, but also by its bib and cuff, which highlights your cufflinks. It is possible to choose a shirt without a front panel, for a less conventional look.
  • The bow tie in satin silk is the emblematic accessory of the luxury dinner jacket. Choose it in black to match your outfit. The self-tied bow tie is the most elegant option, especially as you can undo it if you wish, unlike a pre-tied bow tie.
  • There is also a certain code for the size of a man's dinner jacket: you must wear a wide silk belt, called a cummerbund which covers the junction between the shirt and the trousers. It is also possible to replace it with a waistcoat with a fairly low collar, which fulfils the same role as the cummerbund.
  • If you don't opt for the cummerbund or the waistcoat, you can wear braces to replace the traditional belt.
  • The dinner jacket is worn with black patent shoes loafers or richelieus in general.

How to choose a dinner jacket for a luxury wedding?

First of all, make sure you are in keeping with the theme of the wedding. A dinner jacket is a very codified and quite luxurious outfit. Infact ,wearing a dinner jacket for a wedding can be interesting from the evening onwards. Traditionally, a dinner jacket is a cocktail outfit (hence the name cocktail jacket). You should always warn your guests, so that they dress accordingly. 

The tuxedo jacket is made of wool and can be mixed with silk (the lapels are made of unsatinned silk). The dinner jacket trousers follow the same codes but are distinguished by their braid. For a winter wedding, you can choose a dinner jacket in velvet, thicker, it accentuates the lounge and luxury effect of the outfit. 

For arather strict luxury outfit, in addition to black, the colour of the dinner jacket can be midnight blue, or even white (for a summer wedding).

The accessories that are essential to a man's dinner jacket can bring a touch of contrast. In the choice of material for the bow tie, the shirt with or without a bib, the cufflinks or the choice of waistcoat. 

To personalise your dinner jacket, it is advisable to make it to measure. Indeed, the choice of materials, accessories and the precision of the cut are particularly important for a luxury wedding dinner jacket. Finally, this very cocktail outfit can be worn on other formal occasions, such as outings to the opera or dinners in town. 

For the best wedding dinner jacket, book your discovery appointment and benefit from the personalised advice of our image consultant.


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