What are the wedding trends for men ? (2023)

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Getting ready for your wedding and not sure what's in fashion? Discover the latest wedding trends for men in 2023: clothing, hair and accessories and find out how you can find the right outfits, hairstyles and accessories for your big day!

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Wedding trends for men in 2023

Wondering what the wedding trends for men in 2023 are ? We take a look at the latest trends for men getting married in 2023.

Clothing trends for men

Clothing trends for men in 2023 are constantly changing. Brides and grooms want to stand out and adopt more contemporary styles for their wedding. Brides and grooms can opt for classic suits or more original looks. 

  • Classic suits usually consist of a dark suit, a white shirt and a classic tie. Brides and grooms can also opt for colourful ensembles that stand out and are more fashionable. 
  • Classic suits are always in vogue, but grooms can also opt for more casual and modern styles, such as linen suits or checkered suits. The bride and groom can also choose from a variety of colours and materials. 
  • Footwear is also important, and the bride and groom can choose classic shoes or more trendy and colourful shoes. 
  • To complete the look, brides and grooms can add accessories, such as cufflinks, waistcoats and belts. Dress trends for men in 202

Hair trends for men

Hair trends for men in 2023 are varied and original. It is possible to find fashionable hairstyles that suit all styles and ages. 

Looking for the perfect look for your big day? The haircut is an essential part of the wedding. It should fit your style and body type. It should also match your outfit. We'll give you some tips on how to choose the right hairstyle.

  • The most popular trends are short, back-brushed hair. Short, back-brushed haircuts are very fashionable for men. This haircut is very easy to maintain and does not require much care. It is also very versatile and can be worn with a more classic or casual look.
  • Long haircuts are also very fashionable. Various lengths are in fashion and allow every man to find the style that suits him. Whether it is a longer length that can be braided or a shorter length with spikes, there are many possibilities for men who like long hair.
  • Very short haircuts are popular. These haircuts are fashionable and can be adapted to all face types. Very short haircuts are very easy to maintain and are very versatile. They are also very adaptable and can be worn with a more classic or casual look.
  • Finally, semi-length haircuts are still in fashion. Semi-length haircuts are very popular with men. They are very easy to maintain and can be worn with a more classic or casual look. They are also very versatile and can be adapted to any face type.

Trends in men's accessories

With today's trends, many men are looking to dress stylishly and fashionably for their wedding. For this special event, it is important that the groom feels comfortable and fits in with the image he wants to portray. For this, special attention should be paid to men's wedding accessories.

In this section, we present you with the different accessories to adopt for a successful wedding. The choice of accessories is essential to complete your look. 

Cufflinks and patterned socks are the perfect complement to your suit. You can also opt for a leather belt or a pouch for your phone and papers. Don't forget the watch, which will add a touch of sophistication to your outfit. Leather shoes are the best option for comfort and elegance.

So, to feel comfortable and well dressed on your wedding day, opt for quality accessories that are well suited to your outfit.

How can men prepare for their wedding ?

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Now that you know the trends in men's wedding attire, hair and accessories, it's time to start preparing. You may want to consider making an appointment with a hairdresser to achieve a look that will enhance your personality and match your dress or suit. Similarly, you may need to invest in some accessories to complete your look and ensure you are ready for your big day.


How to choose the right wedding suit for men ?

Getting ready to get married and wondering how to choose the right men's wedding suit ? There are some trends in men's wedding suits that are present in 2023. 

To find the right suit for your taste and body type, you need to consider several criteria.

  • The material: Canvas is the most suitable material for a wedding suit. You can choose between wool, linen, silk, cotton or even corduroy.
  • Colour: For a wedding, the suit should be dark in colour. Popular colours are black, grey, navy blue, dark blue or dark brown.
  • Style: There are many styles of men's wedding suits to choose from depending on the occasion. The most popular suits are the straight cut, slim cut, classic cut, slim fit and slim-fit suits.
  • Fabric: The texture of the fabric is an important criterion when choosing a wedding suit. You can choose a smooth texture or a thicker texture.
  • Accessories: To complete your wedding suit, choose a matching tie, shirt, jacket, shoes and socks.

With these tips, you'll be sure to find the perfect wedding suit for you and get married in style.


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