How to wear a man's suit?

Want to know how to wear a man's suit ?

In this guide, we will give you all the advice you need to choose and wear the perfect men's suit! Find out about all types of men's suits, how to choose the right suit and how to wear it with style and elegance.

Types of suits for men

Are you looking for a suit for men? We'll show you the different suit styles available to you. Whatever your style, we'll help you find the suit that suits you best.

The different types of suits for men

There are several types of suits for men to choose from when dressing up. The most popular suits are the dress suit, the casual suit and the semi-formal suit. Each is unique and can be adapted to different styles and occasions.

Men's suits are a great way to look good and show off your style. By choosing the right suit and matching it with the right accessory, men can feel comfortable and stand out from the crowd.

Colours and patterns of men's suits

Men's suits can be worn in many colours and patterns. Colour and pattern are important factors in creating the style and look of a suit.

The colour of the suit can be chosen according to the season, the occasion or the personality. Men's suits are available in classic colours such as black, grey, navy blue and brown, but there are also brighter colours and pastel shades to give a suit character.

The designs can be traditional or modern:

Men should choose a colour and pattern that matches their style and look.

How to wear a man's suit

You now have a better idea of the different types of men's suits, colours and patterns that can be adapted to your style. You are ready to learn how to choose the right suit for you.

How to choose the right size for your suit

You want to buy a man's suit, but you don't know what size to choose? You've come to the right place. In this section, we will explain how to choose the right size for your suit.

The size of your suit is very important. It plays a determining role in the overall look you will achieve. It is therefore important to choose the right size.

To do this, you need to know the size of :

Take these measurements with a tape measure and write them down. Once you know these measurements, you can find the perfect suit size for you.

Finally, to make sure you choose the right suit size for your body type, we recommend that you have a fitting. This will allow you to judge for yourself whether the suit is the right size and fit. Don't hesitate to ask your salesperson for advice!

How to choose the right style for your suit

Choosing the style of your suit can be a daunting exercise, especially if you don't know where to start. Fortunately, by following a few simple tips and learning about the different styles of suits available, you can easily find the suit that suits you best.

The first thing to consider is the type of fabric you want for your suit.

There are a variety of fabrics to choose from, including linen, cotton, silk and velvet. Each fabric has its advantages and disadvantages, so make sure you understand their characteristics before making your choice.

Next, you will need to decide what type of collar you want for your suit.

The most popular collars are the lapel collar, the V-neck and the round neck. Each of these has a different look and can be worn on different occasions.

You will also need to decide on the colour of your suit. Classic colours such as grey, black and blue are always in fashion, but you can also opt for bolder colours such as green, red or purple.
Finally, you will need to decide on the style of your suit. The most popular suits are the classic suit, the slim fit suit and the checked suit.

In conclusion, choosing the style of your suit can be a daunting exercise, but by learning about the different types of fabrics, collars and colours available, you can find the perfect suit for your style.

Make sure you understand the different characteristics of the different types of suits and choose the one that suits you best.

How to choose your costume accessories

Once you have found the perfect suit for you, it is time to complete your look with the right accessories.

Accessories can be an opportunity to give your suit a personal and unique touch. You should choose pieces that complement your style and are appropriate for the occasion.

Accessories can be divided into four categories:

Shoes to wear with your suit

It is usually the shoes that complete the suit and make it more elegant.

You can choose a pair of black or dark brown shoes, depending on the colour of your suit. The materials should be of good quality and the shoes should be well polished.

The tie is the second essential accessory.

You can choose plain or patterned ties depending on your style and mood. You should choose a tie that matches the suit and completes your look.

Cufflinks are an optional accessory

Cufflinks are optional but can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your look. You can choose silver or plastic cufflinks depending on your taste and budget. You should choose cufflinks that match your suit and style.

The belt, an essential accessory.

You should choose a belt that matches the colour and material of your suit. You can choose a leather or fabric belt, depending on your style and preference.

In conclusion, to complete your look, you should choose accessories that complement your style and are appropriate for the occasion. Choose shoes, a tie, cufflinks and a belt that match your suit and complete your look.

You now have all the keys to dressing smartly and creating a flawless look for any occasion. Don't forget that you can always consult your tailor or stylist to ensure that your suit is perfectly suited to your body type and personality. You are now ready to wear a man's suit!

Frequently asked questions

How to choose your suit size ?

The size of the suit depends on your body type. To find the right one for you, try on different sizes. Your suit should fit snugly but not too tightly.

What accessories can be worn with a suit ?

To complete your look, you can choose a belt to match your shoes, a tie or a clutch to match your suit. You can also choose a watch, high socks and a scarf to complete your look.

When to wear a suit ?

A suit can be worn for formal occasions such as weddings, business meetings or formal events. You can also wear it for more casual occasions if you want to go for a more stylish look.

What suit to choose for a short and stocky man ?

What suit for a short, stocky man?

It is often the same silhouettes that are highlighted when we talk about costumes: tall, slim, with silky hair! In real life, there is a multitude of body types and it can be complicated to dress in a suit when you are short and muscular (or stocky). Especially when you have to buy clothes several sizes larger and therefore quickly float in your suit.. The idea is: try to lengthen your figure, without hiding!

The top of the suit

The bottom of the suit

If you're a kid, you're probably used to having your suit trousersaltered.

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11 tips for choosing and wearing a suit in 2022 ?

When it comes to suits and male elegance, there are many codes and rules to master. But don't panic, to avoid faux pas and style mistakes (never irreparable), here are a few tips for choosing and especially wearing your suit.

Choosing a tailor-made suit

The fit

It is the structuring element of your suit and therefore the most important one (along with the material). A well cut suit is a timeless piece of clothing. Choose a straight cut to be comfortable in your movements and to emphasize your silhouette. Whether you are tall and slim, or overweight, a nice straight cut suit is your best friend.


Directly related to the fit, the perfect suit should be comfortable. But fit is not everything, you have to think about the fabrics and the quality of the suit design The better the materials, the better your suit will stand up to the seasons, although there is no perfect material that will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer (one can always dream). However, Super 150's wool suits are a perfect compromise for, say, an everyday suit .Merino wool isparticularly appreciated by our tailors for creating high quality suits.

The fibre or titling of the suit

In the jargon, we often use the terms Super 80's, Super 100's or Super 160's wool suit... But what do they mean? Simply the fineness of the fibre. The higher the number, the finer the fibre and the number determines the number of fibres woven per cm2. Thus, a Super 80's suit will be very strong and thick, with gooddurability. A Super 220's suit is made of finer fibres and is therefore more fragile. Also observe the weight of your suit (i.e. the weight of the fabric per metre) and adapt it to the use of your suit. For example, a fabric weighing less than 150g/m is light, so it is best for summer temperatures.

The movement of your suit

Wearing a suit well often means beingtailor-made. And why is that? Because every body shape, every style, every personality is different. A suit should be a unique piece of clothing and therefore a tailor-made suit is the perfect solution to reflect your character. Your suit should move with your body, it should accompany your movement and should not be a hindrance. A beautiful tailored suit should have flattering lines.

The finishing touches

Pay attention to the finishing touches of your bespoke suit because the devil is in the details: shoulders, interlining, buttons, lapels, lining of the jacket and sleeves, pockets... By opting for a bespoke suit, you guarantee a better finish and therefore a better durability of your suit .

How to wear a tailor-made suit, the details

Here are a few tips that will make a difference when wearing them.

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The blue wedding suit

The blue wedding suit

Ah the blue suit! it is the essential of the wedding suits, at the same time classic, sober and essential for the important ceremonies, let us see how to make the difference with its blue suit.

The blue wedding suit, a must-have

Choosing a blue suit means giving up a certain originality (unless you opt for an electric blue, why not). But the devil is in the details and you can distinguish yourself elegantly with a good cut (essential) and accessories (clutch, buttons, tie, socks, etc.). The blue suit is a safe bet that you can mix and match endlessly.

From the navy blue Prince of Wales suit in mohair, to the electric blue (or royal blue) suit!

How to choose your blue wedding suit

Navy blue, more formal. The royal blue, rather cliché for a wedding, it must be said The colour of your wedding suit is what the guests will see first, but we advise you to focus on the cut and the choice of material of your suit.

How do I match my blue suit?

Choosing the colour of my blue suit

It's all about balance Generally speaking, vary the strength of your suit with small details such as accessories or the shirt. If you opt for a brightly coloured suit, tone down the outfit with a more sober shirt. By choosing a navy or midnight blue suit, you are opting for timelessness. To avoid this outfit becoming too businesslike or even casual, reinforce it with strong pieces.

You can also see how to choose the colour of your wedding suit (link to article) Finally, to make the best choice of the blue wedding suit, make an appointment with the image consultant of the Maison de Maîtres. It's free and a guarantee of a wedding outfit that suits you completely!


Need a lawyer's robe? La Maison de Maître offers you your gown for every purchase of a tailor-made suit.

How to choose your custom-made avocado robe ?

An emblematic piece and a working tool at the same time, choosing the right gown is a major issue for all new lawyers. Before buying your lawyer's gown, study the case carefully! History, materials, codes to respect, the Maison de Maître reviews everything.

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History of the lawyer's gown

The current lawyer's gown has its origins in the Middle Ages and the Christian religion. Yes, yes, it is not well known, but lawyers and clergymen were strongly linked. Look at the similarities between the cassock and the lawyer's gown. For a long time, the toga consisted of 33 buttons, like the age of Christ. Lawyers were masters of the word and of eloquence. Thus, their robes distinguished them from the common people and linked them to the royal power, until the French Revolution. Since the 19th century, the gown has been "secularised" and symbolises above all independence, as well as the unity of the profession.

The codes of the lawyer's robe

However, in Belgium as elsewhere, the wearing of the lawyer's gown is still subject to certain very specific codes and may only be worn during pleadings, the taking of the oath by the lawyer or when visiting magistrates Furthermore, the decree of 1 November 1968 regulates the wearing of the gown by stating in particular the material of which it is made: black wool and the obligation to wear the epitome. This strip of cloth is worn over the toga on the left shoulder and is fitted with synthetic or natural fur. The only real evolution concerns the size of the toga. Nowadays, the dress goes down to half the calves. Warning: forget about customising the outside of your gown, it is impossible. However, choose different materials depending on the use of the gown and its comfort level.

Taking care of your avocado gown

One gown, many uses

The life of a lawyer is often very busy. With a rush to court and a gruelling day, the care of the robe often takes a back seat. Sometimes the poor robe is even rolled up in a ball somewhere on a chair. However, the price of a gown, especially a made-to-measure one, is not insignificant: expect to pay between €800 and €2,000, or even more! So take a few simple steps to prolong the life of your professional tool:

To ensure that your gown is as robust as it is ideal for all seasons and temperature variations, pay close attention to the materials..

The materials of the avocado toga

If the avocado robe must keep its black colour (that goes without saying), there are many possibilities concerning its composition! The best gown is a balance of elegance, comfort and robustness. Merino wool: A noble material, it surprises with its insulating and thermoregulatory properties. The other advantage of merino wool is its incredible lightness. You'll forget you're wearing it... (specify thickness)


The big day is approaching! Everything is ready ... or almost. Nevertheless, there remains an important point to decide - and not least - that of the choice of the suit of the grooms. From the start, the question arises whether the outfits at a gay wedding should match or whether it is better to play on the opposite. At first glance, there is no direct answer to this question. The golden rule is to always opt for a choice that will allow the two grooms to feel comfortable, and honoured as they should be on this great day, and have a wedding to their taste.


costume mariage gay différents

If you have the same morphology as your spouse and you share the same tastes, it is obvious that you will naturally orient your choice towards the same type of suit. This is not a problem, it can actually look very nice. This means you'll be able to agree quicker and have an easier time matching your outfits. Moreover, who says matching outfits does not necessarily say two identical suits. You can think of two suits designed differently or with different finishing touch while using the same fabric. This is where we understand the need to get advice and make costom-made suits.

Matching your suits without choosing identical ones also allows you to tune your outfits even if the grooms have different morphologies. Therefore, everyone will be entitled to tailor-made design while keeping a visual coherence, using the same fabric or revealing a common design made by the tailor.


Costume de mariage pour gay

Choosing a totally identical suit for both grooms is also not totally out of the question. Do not be afraid to be judged or compared, you must also assert yourself as a close-knit couple. Dressing with identical suits can emphasis on the uniqueness of your relationship, the strength of uniting two men and highlight the cohesion of your relationship. Do not forget to drop by a tailor when making this choice. Even if you want the suits to be identical, they may still require adjusting here and there.

costume de mariage gay original en kilt


One would think that choosing two different types of suits for a gay wedding is a simple choice. Indeed, each chooses the suit that pleases him and that avoids a lot of problems ... But this is wrong. It is possible to find in a mismatched suit, which are diametrically opposed, some coherence in the difference. It is quite possible to bring out the personality of each spouse, to assert their differences, without giving the impression of being two people who have trouble agreeing on an outfit for the day which is supposed to celebrate their union.

By receiving some help and guidance during your suit fitting, an experienced tailor will perfectly understand your desires. It is perfectly understandable and possible to help you look different from each other and to be able to affirm your couple as people with distinct characters and tastes, while guiding you towards choices of suits that will still go perfectly together.


Everyone should have the right to be surprised to discover his companion in the suit for the first time on the wedding day. This tradition should not be reserved for the wedding dress only. If for you, discovering your husband-to-be on the Big Day in his new suit is important, you will quickly realise that it is difficult to choose a suit separately, while also hoping to match.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is best to choose a mutual friend or family member to attend your suit fitting and those of your companion. Even simpler, choose the same tailor, who can guide you one after the other.

His advice is valuable because he has a clear vision of the choice of both spouses and if you trust him completely, he can help you find different suits that will remain consistent with each other.


costume mariage pour homme gay

Now that you have a clearer idea about what you want or on the contrary, that you are even more lost, do not hesitate to push the door of the La Maison de Maîtres. We will receive you within the privacy in our shop privatised for the occasion. Our visual consultants will help you design your tailored wedding suits.

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