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“Bespoke by” has been created to offer the most extraordinary experience in Tailored clothing.

A personalised service by our “tailor-advisor” who is at your disposition to present you our most exclusive selection of European master craftsmen.

costumes bespoke by

by Orazio Luciano


Orazio Luciano is one of the greatest Neapolitan Master-Tailors, the ex lead cutter of Kiton.

In 1992 he creates his own brand “Orazio Luciano, La Vera Sartoria Napoletana” with the desire of offering elegant pieces made entirely by hand while respecting the traditional Neapolitan techniques and with 3 permanent obsessions: “lightness on all levels, unmatched comfort, and design perfection”.

Even though the workshop can answer to any aesthetic demand, the fabrication brand of Orazio Luciano distinguishes itself by a supple jacket construction, a natural shoulder without padding (the “Spalla Camicia”), a curved breast-pocket (The “Barchetta”), pockets plated against the sides of the jacket, large cuffs and genuine buttonholes embroidered by hand.

The trying-on of a jacket cut by Orazio Luciano is surprising: you do not feel like you have it on, even though you are magnificently dressed.

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chemises bespoke by

by 100hands

chaussures bespoke by

by Riccardo Freccia Bestetti

& Mario Bemer


100 hands perpetuates the tradition of exceptional tailored dress shirts entirely made by hand.

Each dress-shirt goes through “hundreds of hands” of specialised artisans before being carefully controlled. In the case of the tiniest imperfection, the dress-shirt goes back to production and, if necessary, is remade until a perfect result is reached.

This goldsmiths work is characterised by a template drawn as closely to the client’s natural posture, with thin seams, straight and regular, monograms and buttonholes made using a centenary technique and a perfect correspondence of motifs along the entire dress shirt. Within the respect of exceptional knowledge, the workshop accepts to work only with fabrics of an extreme quality and buttons of real mother-of-pearl. The perfection of execution is such that all these elements imparts an exceptional comfort to the dress shirt, an out-of-the-ordinary cut, and an unmatched beauty.

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Riccardo Freccia Bestetti is extra-terrestrial in the world of shoes. Deceased much too early, he left an invaluable heritage perpetuated by the new passionate owner of the brand. Beyond the perfection in the technical execution of shoes, Riccardo had designed his forms and design with an artistic spirit with an obsession for reaching the perfect balance in the proportions of his creations. His product is offered in a personalised tailored order with a choice of 30 models, 7 shapes, and hundreds of exceptional leathers.

Mario Bemer comes from a family of Master Bootmakers in Italy. His offer is complete: personalised orders, “demi-mesure”, and “grande-mesure”.

For more than 30 years, the sense of design, the respect of the foot’s natural curve, and the absolute comfort are integrally part of the identity of these bootmakers. The shoes are made manually in the finest leathers. They are hand-sewn with a particular attention for each detail and with absolute care for the realisation of patines.

It is an immense honour to be able to propose these italien treasures exclusively in our shop.

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pantalon bespoke by

by Fregi Pantaloni

& Orazio Luciano

manteaux bespoke by

by Marini Sinclair

& Orazio Luciano


Fregi is a workshop specialised in the making-of exceptional trousers. They are cut to remain perfectly in place on the waist and offer a maximum of comfort.

Orazio Luciano, shouldered by a Master Trouser-Maker, creates his trousers with the same degree of exigency as his legendary jackets (see the rubrique of suits and jackets above).

Each Tailored trousers is made by hand within the rules of sartorial art; the waist is supple and reinforced by horsehair, a cinch is present which allows for a perfect hold, the fall is millimetres and the pockets, as well as the legs are magnified by a hand sewn casting point.

The Tailor-Made of course offers all possibilities of adaptations: presence or not of nippers, straight or angled pockets, hem with or without setback,…

The pants of Fergie and Orazio Luciano magnifies the silhouette, keeps their shape in all circumstances, and offers an unmatched comfort.

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Marini Sinclair confectionne ses manteaux à la main dans le même esprit que ses vestes et costumes (voir rubrique ci-dessus): légèreté, confort et élégance absolus.

Marini Sinclair is, to our knowledge, the only workshop entirely specialised in the making of tailored outdoor jackets in all forms: coat, down jackets, parkas, jackets, and raincoats.

The workshop is located in the North of Italy and has been making jackets for 5 generations. The parts combine the precision of Tailor-Made with the beauty of the noble material used and the originality proper of Italien creations. Each detail is made by hand and each jacket passes an extremely thorough test before being finalised.

The workshop works with cashmere, nappa leather, goose down, and some furs.

The tailored creations, the specific design of jackets, and the chosen materials confer to the Marini Sinclair jackets, lightness, comfort, and warmth, with an ultimate elegance.

Orazio Luciano makes his coats by hand with the same spirit as with his jackets and suits (see rubric above): lightness, comfort, and absolute elegance.

* It’s free and without commitment