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The “sprezzatura” (Neapolitan nonchalance) that sticks with the times, whether in sportswear or business mode. Thanks to a set of details, this bespoke Neapolitan style stands out from everything that exists:


The barchetta pocket (in the shape of a small boat) on the chest allowing the pocket to appear more clearly.
The real buttonholes with kissing buttons.
“Pignata” patch pockets on the sides and curved at the bottom borrowed from the shape of a brandy glass.
Generous cuffs, rounded with a unique roll.
The “false three buttons”: 2 functional buttons and the third one intended to give structure to the jacket and a better roll on the lapel.
Double basting stitch on the sleeves (doppia impuntura).
Con rollino: the shoulder head is slightly rounded and enhanced by the excess fabric accumulated in the armhole.
Spalla camicia: the shirt shoulder characterized by a natural fall following the body, absolute ease of movement in the arms and the presence of pleats on the head of the shoulder.


The lining runs down to the knees to support the outer fabric and slide it easily when seated.
The belt completely canvassed, like a suit, with a horsehair canvas for optimal support. It has a split at the back to increase comfort (“after dinner split)”, improve the fit and prevent tearing.
The side buttoning (optional) that allows you to adjust the waist size and bring a unique sartorial touch to your pants.
Belt loops sewn to the inside of the waistband and are also secured by hand-sewn stop bars. For lovers of suspenders, six interior buttons can be provided (on both sides, front and in the middle of the back) to attach them.
The bellyband (“Tirapancia / Pancierina) which allows perfect support of the front part of the pants giving a cladding effect thanks to an interior button placket. Depending on whether the pants are zipped or buttoned, one or the other technique is applied


The hand-folded collar allows you to hold it without appearing rigid.
The offset armhole sewn by hand which optimizes comfort for each person through flexible adjustments.
Hand-sewn quarter-shoulder for perfect comfort. This is an ultra-meticulous operation of assembling the parts of the shirt, during which one must in particular ensure the continuity of the pattern of the fabric (for a lined or checked shirt).
Handmade buttonholes that help resist button wear while retaining the flexibility to easily open the shirt.
The buttons in real Australian mother-of-pearl sewn with the old technique of lily stitch – known as zampa di gallina (houndstooth), allowing easy opening of the buttonhole and also ensuring more solidity on the button seam.
The throat of the shirt sewn entirely by hand. This very special sublime stitching is part of the signature of a handmade shirt.
The hem gusset, a small piece of fabric sewn by hand on the side parts of the shirt. This is a meticulous detail that strengthens the shirt and allows it to last over time.
The travetto (a kind of hand-made embroidery with a crochet stitch) which stops the slit of the sleeve at the level of the sleeve placket. It is a detail of extreme refinement.
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